General Specs

Name B13
Achievements 2nd Fuel, 7th Design
Weight 275 lbs (dry)
Wheelbase 60″
Track F/R 44.9″/44.9″


Material 4130 steel tubular spaceframe
Chassis Weight 60 lbs

Suspension and Brakes

Type F/R Unequal length double A-arm, Anti-roll bar / Independent push rod suspension
Tyres American Racer M-32 8×7
Wheels 2 piece aluminum wheels with custom designed centers
Uprights Custom designed 6061 aluminum uprights
Shocks Penske 7800
Springs Eibach 1.625″ ID ERS
Steering Miltera Steering Rack
Calipers Brembo P32G
Rotors Custom designed ductile iron rotors
Wheel Bearing Two 30mm roller bearings per upright / One 50 mm roller bearing per upright


Drive Type Two chains
Differential None
Axles CRG Karting Axles
Hubs Commercial off the shelf go karting hubs


Type Swissauto 250
Fuel 100 Octane
Induction Naturally aspirated
Compression Ratio 12.8:1
ECU MoTeC M400
Intake Custom aluminum intake manifold with 20mm intake restrictor
Exhaust Stainless steel headers with Coast Fab muffler


Material Wet layup carbon-fiber
Mounting Cam-Lock


Front Wing
Rear Wing