Technical information for the real enthusiast!

Weight:  275 lbs (dry)
Wheelbase:  60″
Track F/R:  44.9″/44.9″
Material:  4130 steel tubular spaceframe
Chassis Weight:  60 lbs
Track F/R:  Unequal length double A-arm / Solid axle with swing arm, push rod, longitudinal monoshock
Tyres:  American Racer M-32 8×7
Wheels:  2 piece aluminum wheels with custom designed centers
Uprights:  Custom designed 6061 alumnium uprights
Shocks:  Penske 7800
Springs:  Eibach 1.625″ ID ERS
Steering:  Miltera Steering Rack
Calipers:  Brembo P32G
Rotors:  Custom designed cast iron rotors
Wheel Bearing:  Two 30mm roller bearings per upright / One 50 mm roller bearing per upright
Drive Type:  Two chains
Differential:  None
Axles:  CRG Karting Axles
Hubs:  Commercial off the shelf go karting hubs
Type:  Swissauto 250
Fuel:  100 Octane
Compression Ratio:  12.8:1
Induction:  Naturally aspirated
ECU:  MoTeC M400
Intake:  Custom carbon fiber intake manifold with 20mm intake restrictor
Exhaust:  Stainless steel headers with Coast Fab muffler
Material:  Wet layup carbon-fiber