Technical information for the real enthusiast!

Nickname: “Achilles”
Achievements:                 25th Overall, 4th Design, 7th Skidpad
Brakes:   Cast Iron Rotors, Outboard Wilwood Calipers, Adjustable Pedal Tray
BSCD:                                                         88/57.5/1/350
Cooling:                                                         Water Cooled with Fan Assisted Side Mount Radiator
Drive:  520 Chain Drive, Drexler LSD, Steel Half-shafts, 5-Speed Sequential
Electronics:  MoTeC M400, ADL2, Shorai Li-Ion
Engine:                                                                                KTM350 SX-F
FR/RR Track:  47″/47″
Frame:  TIG Welded 4130 Steel Frame
Fuel:  100 Octane
MPD:  44 BHP @ 9500 RPM
MPT:  26 lb-ft @ 7500 RPM
OLWH:  115″/57″/47″
Suspension:  Pushrod Actuated Front Monoshock, Pushrod Actuated Rear Dual Shock, ARBs
Tires:  7.5/18-10 R25B
Unique:  Variable AoA Rear Wing, ETC, Electro-pneumatic Paddle Shifters
Weight:  375 lbs (car only)
Wheelbase:  60″