Aerodynamics is an exciting and unique subteam with lots of open-ended and challenging design problems. We need bright and motivated students to help us solve these challenges and produce the most efficient, lightweight aerodynamic package possible. You’ll learn a wide range of skills applicable to nearly all engineering disciplines, from CAD and finite element analysis to computational fluid dynamics and composites manufacturing. Come check us out to learn more about what we do and how you can get involved!


Join BDI! It’s the best subteam for learning all about brakes. The best part about BDI is that we are a small team, so you’ll have plenty of cool projects to work on and we’ll be a tight-knit group.  You’ll be able to learn a wide range of skills, including mechanical design, simulation, and composites work.


Our Business subsystem focuses broadly on team operations and everything besides the actual design of the car. We manage important aspects of the team including securing the funding required to allow the team to exist. In addition to creating and maintaining relationships with sponsors and partners, we manage our team image through various social media platforms and coordinate bringing the team to events like Cal Day, the Bay Area Science Festival, and more. In order to optimize our sponsorship efforts, we communicate with all of our other subsystems to learn how we can best provide for them. Business also presents on the team’s behalf in the Formula SAE Competition’s Business Presentation event. We do a lot more too! Come attend our presentation to learn more about how awesome it is being a member of the Business Subsystem.


The Chassis subteam is responsible for the design and manufacturing of our car’s steel frame which is the backbone of the car. Every other subsystem has to mount to the chassis, so it is critical for us to get things right. Chassis members perform extensive analysis to perfect the frame design and get great hands-on experience through manufacturing. As a chassis member you will apply fundamental engineering concepts and learn useful skills like finite element analysis, the fundamentals of jig design, and even learn how to weld.


Drivetrain is responsible for all the components of the car from that transfer power from the engine to the ground. There are three main packages in the drivetrain assembly: the differential package, the axles, and the wheel package.

Drivetrain is one of the more hands-on subsystems. We spend the majority of its time doing physical testing of our parts before assembling the various packages that make up the full assembly. Though drivetrain spends the majority of time doing hands-on work, there are opportunities for research and development projects through CAD Design and FEA simulations. 


Hello! Like racing? Like Formula 1? Or just curious about cars? 

We’re the electrical and data acquisition subsystem in Berkeley Formula Racing. We design the electrical, software, and data acquisition components that power our formula-style race car! Design/test real hardware and develop industry skills in software, circuit design, and embedded systems on Berkeley FSAE. Prior experience in these areas are not required. We welcome students of all backgrounds to join and learn!

Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems is the subsystem for you if you’re interested in driver interface and the electronics around the car. We provide the mechanical side of the electronics necessary for running and capturing data about the car. In addition, we optimize the interface between the driver and the car. Electronic Systems gives an opportunity to work with many other subsystems while focusing on the intersection between mechanical and electrical engineering.


Hello, we are Engine, the powerhouse of the team! We focus on all things engine related. This includes the intake system, cooling system, exhaust, shifting assembly, fuel system, and turbocharger. We also tune the engine from the ground up utilizing race grade ECUs and software. As part of our subsystem you will be exposed to a wide variety of skills including solid part design, applying manufacturing techniques, and utilizing simulation software to optimize performance. Stop by our presentation to learn more and remember no prior experience is required to apply!


Suspension deals with all of the suspension components on the car (any parts that connect the chassis to the wheels) and the steering system. Most of the suspension components are designed and manufactured by the subteam itself, so we deal with the most diverse solid part design and structural analysis on the car. We also have alumni in multiple companies in the industry, such as Apple, Tesla, Lam Research, and more!

Vehicle Dynamics

VD (Vehicle Dynamics) looks at the vehicle as a whole, and does analysis and testing at the system level. Vehicle dynamics is responsible for working with suspension to design the suspension kinematics. VD also maintains and improves Lapsim, a custom full-vehicle simulator, which the team uses to make design decisions for the car. Finally, VD runs all of the testing on the car, taking data off the car while it is driven around a track, and making tweaks to the car’s setup.