October 21, 2023

Hello Berkeley Formula Racing partners, alumni, members, family, and friends!

We hope this message finds you well. We only have 10 days left to reach our crowdfunding goal of $10,000! We are more than halfway there but won’t reach our goal without your help. This link will take you directly to our crowdfunding campaign.

Become a part of Berkeley Formula Racing’s best year yet! Our recent results and testing indicate this year will more than likely be more than just a standout year in our 22-year history.

Our 2022 achievements include:
1st in Sales 
2nd in Cost
4th in Skidpad (with fastest individual laptime)
5th fastest laptime in Endurance
6th in Design (finalists)
9th in Autocross
2nd at SoCal Shootout
This year at May Competition amongst 120 teams, we achieved:
2nd in Autocross
5th in Efficiency 
5th fastest laptime in Endurance
10th in Design (finalists)

In our recent testing, we greatly increased reliability in Endurance runs, increased our lateral grip to within .25gs of the tires’ theoretical maximum load through refined suspension setup tuning. During this testing, and countless hours on the dyno, we have gained several percent in horsepower and torque, achieving unprecedented speed and drivability. Through flow visualization and tassel testing, we now have a far more thorough understanding of our aerodynamics package and know how to improve it. There are huge developments across the board, and with your support, we can put them to the test at our next competition.

Do not miss this opportunity to become part of Berkeley Formula Racing’s best season yet. We cannot wait to take you along with us on our journey to greatness. Click here to donate. Everyone here at BFR thanks you for your support!

SoCal Shootout is THIS Sunday the 22nd!

Make a stop by Adams Motorsports Park in Riverside any time 9 AM – 3 PM to chat with the team, check out our latest car, and see how we perform against nearly a dozen other Formula SAE teams from throughout California. Morning warmup is 9-10 AM and the time attack rounds begin at 12:30.

See you this Sunday and thank you for supporting our crowdfunding campaign!

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