All team operations for the fall semester have been at home due to the ongoing pandemic. Our team has used this time to focus on research and development of our current and future designs. We have been experimenting with turbocharger development, a hybrid monocoque chassis, active brake bias, electronic shifting, and many more projects we are taking on. The 2021 FSAE California competition has been divided into two parts, Knowledge and Validation. The Knowledge Event will be virtual, consisting of the Design, Cost, and Presentation events to be held in winter 2021. All of the dynamic events will be part of the Validation Event in the summer of 2021. We plan to compete in both of these events, but our participation in the Validation Event may be limited due to restrictions from public health officials. The university is not allowing in-person meetings for any student organizations for the fall semester, so our team is not allowed to access our facilities at Richmond Field Station. The outlook for the spring semester is not clear yet, but our team hopes to have access to our garage sometime in the spring to be ready to compete in the 2021 FSAE California Validation Event.

Gabe Sandoval
Team Principal