Coming off of a year of strong results in competition, our team is working harder than ever to design, manufacture, and deliver Berkeley Formula Racing’s (BFR) newest challenger: B23. I’m Joseph Macy, and I am Technical Director of BFR. I’m excited to be on this team through the process of building our first new car since the beginning of COVID. We have been tirelessly working on taking all of the best aspects of B20 and improving everything else we found to be lacking. In preparation for this season’s competition, our team is completing full manufacturing, assembly, and testing of the new car, as well as all competition submissions. Perfection of our package will come down to execution of the details, and that is what I have been pushing my members to appreciate. A few (of many) exciting aspects about B23 are new side wings and undertrays, revamped electrical harness with new embedded systems, and improved engine bay systems for power and reliability. I’m extremely proud of the team and what we have been able to learn and achieve with this year’s car. Testing has been successful with the car meeting and exceeding performance specifications. We are looking forward to another strong showing in competition this May. Go Bears!

Joseph Macy
Technical Director