Welcome to Our February 2022 Newsletter!

Important Announcements

Our crowdfunding page has been making progress since the beginning of February! We need your support in order to get to our goal of $10000 by the end of this month! Any donation would be greatly appreciated! 

Crowdfunder Link: http://tinyurl.com/calfsae2022


The business team has been working on making potential fundraisers and sponsorships by outreaching local businesses and online partners who may be interested. We also finished our new t-shirt design for this year and we are excited to open up orders for sponsors and alumni. We are also acting on a new title sponsorship search to make sure we will be financially safe for the next few years at the very least. Our crowdfunder has launched in the beginning of February and we have made continually good progress, but we need your support to reach our goal!


For the last couple of weeks, the electrical team has been working one two major areas. First is verifying B20 functionality as well as testing the new M1 ECU on the custom dyno. The second area that the team has been focusing on are the live telemetry, which is currently mounted on B20 and is being tested. We have also been focusing on the new steering wheel design in order to better brake bias and shifting indication that we could implement into our later testing sessions. Additionally, we are designing and manufacturing a new BSPD circuit board for safety precautions. 


The engine team has been able to recently configure a stable ECU map for easy on-the-car testing which was displayed when the engine showed no signs of mechanical concerns during our simulation runs. Recently, with the help of the Etcheverry machine shop, we scanned and generated a new CAD model to design some replacement parts that were previously incompatible. The team is working on integrating a new 2019 model KTM 450 into the dyno meter as well as creating an updated design. Due to a cracked thread, we are doing maintenance on one of the KTM 450s and are looking forward to installing them into the workflow to do more performance optimization tuning and peripheral part design to accommodate the new engines. 

Vehicle Dynamics

The drivetrain team has been gearing up for a full-vehicle testing of the B20 car by starting skidpad and damper testing in order to dial in the aero and suspension settings. We are also now focused on improving our designs to B23, where we are evaluating a rear roll/heave decoupled geometry, as well as redesigning the suspension for improved camber curves. We have some data that we have been analyzing through lapsim through our test runs at the garage as well as WinGeo for the front and back suspensions and tires that have helped us look at what we could improve for the upcoming testing cycles. 

Thank you guys for your continuous support! It has been amazing to see our testing results from our almost finished car! We are so excited to see what our team will continue to achieve this semester! We hope that you will take some time to look at our crowdfunding page!

Crowdfunder Link: http://tinyurl.com/calfsae2022.
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